Writing is engrained in me. It’s a scar on my skin and my heart, as much a part of me as the sandy strands of my hair or the chip in my tooth. 

Through a childhood in the rural backcountry of a town that straddled the northern line of the two Carolinas, I spent as much time exploring the snowed peaks and vast oceans of book’s pages as the wooded hills behind my house. I remember lying in fresh-cut fields and scribbling stories in wrinkled, spiral bound notebooks and stealing extra moments from elementary reading hours to flesh out an essay with more jagged letters.

I read Austen on the mossy rocks of a creekbed, Nabokov in the sticky, humid heat of a Carolina summer, Steinbeck by the dry warmth of a wood fire. They seeped into my soul like sunburn.

At Davidson College I strolled bricked pathways with my feet and the crooked, rambling trails of literature with my mind. I read everything: Aristotle, Milton, O’Connor, Chaucer, Eliot, Beckett. And I wrote, thousands of pages of essays, but most passionately, creative writing, penned in every level of course offered and even one I created myself.

After college, my dreams of writing were chopped and snubbed, replaced with terms of more realistic weight. Until I stepped through the door of a luxury lifestyle publication, resume in hand, and told the publisher he needed a copywriter for his typo-riddled website. I reversed my steps out the door with the Executive Editor position.

Years later, I’ve polished the keys of my computer to a dull sheen and the words on my pages to brilliance. I carve stories from the rough stone of their beginnings, scribbled notes and quiet conversations recorded on a cellphone; chip away flakes of superfluity and recapitulation; turn words into the soft curves of alliteration and the upward slope of a story. A well-told tale is the fire in my gut and the softest smile on my lips. 


My editorial work is extensive and roaming, from veterans interviews to health recommendations to fashion exposés. My expertise lies in travel writing—pulling back the rustling, manicured curtain of a city to show the secret alleys and aged corners to readers—and food and drink—articles brimming with adjectives and spicy diction. 

I also offer services in copywriting (newsletters, web content, press releases) and copyediting (manuscripts, drafts). It’s magnetic, turning the jilted words of a company into engaging, marketable materials. 

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